Company Policy

Here at AGATSUMA CO., LTD (Henceforth "The Company"), we understand the utmost importance of all pers onal informationexchanged during business with our customers, including names,addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers.
For that reason, we consider the secure p rotection and handling of this information to be a most pressing objective, and promise to strive for thoroughness in the following matters.
During the course of your usage of our Company website, you may be asked for your personal information as necessary.
This personal information shall only be used to improve the qua lity of the Company's service, and will not be displayed or shared with any third parties outside of authorized subcontractors. And we will manage this information with extreme care.
The Company shall not use any personal information acquired for any business other than customer management. The Company will not disclose this information to any third parties, excluding the following circumstances. (When there is prior agreement/authorization by the customer, when requested by laws or regulations, or with lawful requests from third parties.) All emails outlining services shall only be sent with the customer's permission, with no arbitrary use of m ail addresses.

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