Corporate Philosophy

The character Pinocchio, beloved by children around the world, is the protagonist of the children's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio".
Within the story he was lovingly created by the woodcarver Geppetto, and eventually transformed from a puppet into a real human.

Here at Agatsuma we follow the spirit of Geppetto, and aim to create products that will be loved by people around the world by pouring our hearts and souls into our work. This is the reason why we took on the brand name of "PINOCCHIO".

Toys are essential cultural properties for the healthy development of both body and mind in children. No matter how times may change, sentiments such as "I used to play with this toy as a kid.", "It's a wonderful toy." remain the same, and Agatsuma strives to create products that can evoke such feelings within people. Through the planning, production and sales of flagship toys centering on popular mascots such as Anpanman or Sanrio, basic toys, riding toys, toys designed for infants, and original family toys, we bring dreams and creativity to children. Through the combined effort of the entir Agatsuma Group, our toys fulfill the role of being communication tools between parents and children, delivering a richer quality of life.


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